September 2018 Horoscopes By Star Sign

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September 2018 Horoscopes
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

Aries Star Sign
21 March-20 April 

Aries star sign
Fire Sign: Ram

Spirituality is key for Aries this month. The next weeks are a perfect time to meditate, study or read self-development books. Delve deeper into your spirituality, get to know yourself better at a core level. You have changed considerably since you last looked, and may not realise it! What you now discover could change the way you think about life and your future plans forever. You are due another transformation, and this is when it begins.


Taurus Star Sign
21 April-21 May  

Taurus star sign
Earth Sign: Bull

Taurus shines brightly this month, all good things come to those who deserve it (eventually!).
While it may not always feel like it, you are appreciated by others very much, and this month, they find a way to show it. You are the rock they lean on, and you deserve all the good things life throws at you in the coming weeks and months.  

Gemini Star Sign
22 May-21 June

Gemini star sign
Air Sign: Twins

Home and family are a priority this month, spending time with loved ones and sorting out your living environment. You may move, declutter, decorate or extend. The end of 2018 is going to be an exciting period for Gemini, lots of glittering developments, especially in the money and self-improvement area. So spend some effort now sorting out the basics, while you still have time.

Cancer Star Sign
22 June - 22 July

Cancer star sign
Water Sign: Crab

No man or woman is an island. Your  happiness is closely linked to important relationships in your life, and sometimes those relationships need working on. This is one of those times. Spoil those close to you - family and dear friends - and reap the rewards in the longer term.2019 promises to be a spectacular year for Cancerians, and you will need a strong support base to make the most of it. 

Leo Star Sign
23 July-23 August 

Leo star sign
Fire Sign: Lion

Interesting month for you Leo! Just when you feel life has lost some of it's sparkle, along comes a big surprise to shake things up! Expect to attract all sorts of people and odd situations in the coming weeks, even the supernatural (spirits, guides and angels). No-one can resist that magical energy you are emitting. You really have no idea, do you, what a powerful soul you are!

Virgo Star Sign
24 August-22 September 

Aries star sign
Earth Sign: Maiden

Whatever your hopes and dreams, they are best realised this month by not focusing on them. Instead, let go, release any stress you feel and decide instead to have fun. Yes, you must decide, it is a conscious decision. Find reasons to laugh, and allow the Universe the freedom to deliver on your wishes in its own way, and in its own time.

Libra Star Sign
23 September-23 October

Libra star sign
Air Sign: Scales

Archangel Michael flies to your side, reassuring you that all will be well. The issue which you are worried about as you read this message, will be resolved. Now more than ever, trust that you have a Guardian angel walking next to you. She senses your worry, and while not all worries can be resolved, this one will be.

If you are not sure what this message refers to - wait until mid-September. It will be clear then.


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