Chinese New Year: 2016 Year Of The Monkey

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Year Of The Monkey
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

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What Will Happen
In The World

The monkey swings from branch to branch, unpredictable, energetic and wild.

Monkey years can be dramatic. Expect to see major events occurring in the world at large, this influence has already started. Stock exchanges swing wildly (it's no coincidence that Black Wednesday, one of the sharpest downturns in the UK markets occurred in a monkey year). In 2016 there will be climate disasters and political turmoil, terrorism (Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther and John Lennon were all assassinated in a monkey year).

On the plus side, it's a year where major breakthroughs are possible, politically, scientifically (space travel) and socially. What happens this year could influence humanity for generations to come.

On an individual level, the monkey energy encourages you to break free of self doubt and put talents to better use. It also empowers you to make a fresh start in all areas of your life. If you've been asking is now the time? The answer is yes.
2016 could be incredibly special if you work with the monkey energy.


How the year of the monkey influences your spiritual development.

As the monkey swings into action, you are likely to find yourself attracted to several areas of spiritual development this year. For those of you at the beginning of your spiritual journey, this is a good thing because you need to widen your knowledge base before deciding what to focus on.

 For those of you further down the path, the monkey gives you an extra boost of energy and confidence to make a major leap. For example, he could encourage you to make a commitment to a specific career/project or start charging for your services.  For those of you whose spiritual development is advanced, resist the temptation to flit from one thing to the next. See your goal through.


How the year of the monkey influences your finances.

Monkey years are known for bringing prosperity and good fortune. However this good fortune is closely linked to personal development. If you want your finances to improve, you need to be actively involved in the process. This may mean taking a course, applying for a better job, moving location ... whatever your personal circumstances require.

If you make the effort, the Universe will support you, this year more than any other year.


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