May 2017 Horoscopes By Psychic Karina

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May Horoscopes
Star Sign
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

Your Angel Card:

High Priestess

When the High Priestess occurs it signifies dramatic, but beneficial, changes coming after the next full moon. These changes reflect your growing optimism and expectation that life has more to offer. The Universe has inwardly been preparing you for some time to ensure you can adjust to the exciting new circumstances as they unfold

Full Moon This Month: 10th May

Ask Karina!

Ask Karina!

Your Angel Card:
Ace of Air

Scorpios, whatever your circumstances, be prepared for a lightening bolt this month! The Universal Mind imbues you with an inspirational idea. It appears as a sudden knowing that this is the way forward. Be sure to act on this knowing, don't be tempted to dismiss it as unrealistic.
Those seeking love or new work opportunities are more likely to find it online this month

Lucky Date This Month: 12th

Your Angel Card:
 The Star
Lucky, lucky Sagittarius! Wish upon a star. What one thing do you wish for, more than anything? Hold that thought clearly this month because you are surrounded by powerful manifestation energy. Life as you know it, is changing. Developments may be subtle at first but
as events gather pace in the coming months, you will look back at this time and realize, that was when the transformation began.

Lucky Day This Month: 28th

Your Angel Card:
2 of Cups
Your relationships with others - in love, friendship and work - are key to your wellbeing and happiness. Capricorns are hard workers, and while this is a wonderful trait, the downside is, you don't always have time for others. This has all been changing recently, as you feel more inclined to build your relationships. This is a key turning point because the relationships you nurture now deliver the happiness you seek in the future.
Note: I expect some Capricorn engagements and weddings this month. Congratulations!
Lucky Day This Month: 19th


Your Angel Card:
6 of Pentacles

Exciting news Aquarius: abundance is on the way!
The Universe loves those who help others, and this month you receive your reward. Expect a change in your financial situation, depending on your circumstances this could be a bonus, new job, gift or financial win.
Additional note: Aquarius are the psychics of the zodiac, act on any 'out of the blue' thoughts you receive.  

Lucky Day This Month: 5th

Your Angel Card:
Knight Of Swords

Fasten your seat belt Pisces - things are about to get crazy. Maybe you've been waiting for something to happen or wondering when a project will take off. Now it does and life is kicked into first gear. Pisces are great worriers, the good thing is - now you won't have time to worry you'll be so busy doing.
This is the dawn of something wonderful.

Lucky Day This Month: 16th

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