March By Star Sign

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March 2019



Scorpio Star Sign
24 October-22 November 

Scorpio star sign
Water Sign: Scorpio

Your Angel Card:
Let Go Of Fear .. Now

Archangel Gabriel protects you or family members travelling this month. If no travel is planned, then this powerful angel will turn his attention to performing a healing within the family, or extended family.

You are also guided to over-come your self-doubt, in a certain area of your life. This could be in relation to a person, job, hobby or study.

80 percent of success happens as a result of just showing up. 

Why not, just show up! 


Your motto for 2019:
I am making a difference

Lucky Day:


Sagittarius Star Sign
23 November-21 December

Sagittarius star sign
Fire Sign: Archer

Your Angel Card:

Archangel Michael guides you to communicate this month. If there is a book or teaching project inside you, presentation or public speaking opportunity - now is the time to make it a reality.

  If there is someone you've been having communication problems with, consider sending them an email or text. Reach out, for you are the wiser soul.

 Either way Sagittarius, it is time to express yourself.


 Your motto for 2019:
You only live once

Lucky Day:


Capricorn Star Sign
22 December-20 January

Aries star sign
Earth Sign: Goat

Your Angel Card:
Keep Your Eyes On Your Target

Archangel Michael reminds you to stay focused on your goals. It's easy to get distracted or bored, particularly when faced with challenges.

So recommit to your dream, regardless of whatever else is going on around you. Do something everyday, to provide that sense of making progress.

Capricorn, you have magic in your bones. You were born to make things happen!

Your motto for 2019:
This is fun

Lucky Day:


Aquarius Star Sign
January 21 - February 18 

aquarius picture
Air Sign: Water Bearer

Your Angel Card:
Take Your Time

2019 has not been easy so far for Aquarius, but remember your motto for the year - I refuse to quit!

Aquarius is a lucky sign, but you are learning now not to rely so much on luck, but to develop determination. What a great combination that will make in the future!

You will be faced with a decision this month. When it happens, Archangel Michael guides you to wait a few days before deciding as more information will be forthcoming, which makes your decision easier. You are surrounded by powerful forces over the next few weeks, know that they will direct you well.


Your motto for 2019:
I refuse to quit!

Lucky Day:

Pisces Star Sign
19 February-20 March

Pisces star sign
Water Sign: Fish

Your Angel Card:
It's Time To Leave

Archangel Michael guides you to leave an unhealthy situation, one that is dragging you down, physically and emotionally. What situation does it refer to? Stop for a moment and be honest with yourself. You don't need to take drastic action immediately, but at the very least initiate some movement. There is so much more out there waiting for you.

 Take note of your motto for 2019, Pisces. You are healed and ready to grab the life you want.

Your motto for 2019:
I feel healed

Lucky Day:


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