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March Angelscope
by Star Sign
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

Your Angel Card: You're On The Right Path
Archangel Michael comes to say that your actions or thoughts are correct and will lead you in the direction of peace and greater purpose. You've been hearing the angels, don't doubt yourself now. Although you may not know what's up ahead, travel the path opening before you.

Lucky Day This Month: 29th
Libra - All About You


Your Angel Card: Let Go Of Fear .. Now
You are young enough, clever enough, emotionally strong enough ... or whatever other doubts have been going through your head ... to do what you want to do. Feel the relief when you send that nagging voice in your head packing. Allow your angel to fill the void. You'll know when she has because suddenly, you feel like anything is possible.  
Lucky Day This Month: 3rd
Your Scorpio Personality

Your Angel Card:
It's Time To Leave
Archangel Michael guides you to leave an unhealthy situation, one that is dragging you down, physically and emotionally. What situation does it refer to? Stop for a moment and be honest with yourself. You don't need to take drastic action immediately, but at the very least initiate some movement. There is so much more out there waiting for you.
Lucky Day This Month: 16th
Your Sagittarius Personality


Your Angel Card: Already Resolved

Capricorn's are great for planning ahead, but for once the path is not so clear. This is likely to worry you, but it shouldn't. This is one of those rare times where fate has the upper hand.  Archangel Michael reassures you that the future is bright - there is a cosmic plan for you - it's just for once you're not privy to it! The actions you take in the coming weeks and months naturally lead you to where you need to be.
Lucky Day This Month
Your Capricorn Personality  

Your Angel Card:
Keep Your Eyes On Your Target
Archangel Michael reminds you to stay focused on your goals. It's easy to get distracted or bored, particularly when faced with challenges. So recommit to your dreams, and do something everyday to turn them into a reality. Aquarius, you have magic in your bones. Make it happen.
Lucky Day This Month: 19th
Your Aquarius Personality

Your Angel Card: Take Your Time

You have a decision to make, or will be faced with one this month. Archangel Michael guides you not to rush the decision, more information will soon be forthcoming which will naturally guide your action. You are surrounded by powerful forces over the next 3 months, know that they will not allow you to miss out.
Lucky Day This Month: 11th
Your Pisces Personality


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