June 2018 Horoscopes And Angel Guidance

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June 2018  Star Signs
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

Angelite Crystal


I was drawn to the angelite crystal for you this month!

The message of angelite:
A symbol of infinity, this crystal reminds us that life is an eternal cycle. We have up and down days, we cannot have one without the other. How else could we recognise a ‘good’ day, unless we have a ‘bad’ day to compare it with? Know that you are blessed, whatever is happening in your life.


Your Angel Card:
Forward Motion

Time To Get Going!

This year is an era of expansion and growth for Libra, particularly June onward. Neptune has been in your health and work area for some time and will remain there for the next few years. This means you are going through a spiritual awakening which will continue to deepen. It also means you should achieve good results from spiritual healing - for yourself and others.

Lucky Day This Month
You Libra - All About You

Bloodstone Crystal

I was drawn to the
this month for you.

The message of the bloodstone:

Your soul is both mystical and magical. How can you doubt that you are special and have gifts? The world is changing and you are needed. You are a lightworker which means your role is to direct others toward the light. Stop looking for the big purpose, just do what comes naturally to you.

Your Angel Card:
Love in all forms

Relationships are key to this month: for some this heralds the arrival of a soulmate, for others the revival of a relationship. Your intuition is growing exponentially, particularly your clairsentience
(ability to sense the future). Don't be surprised if you start predicting conversations or events before they happen!

Note: For some the 'soulmate' is the arrival of a baby in the family

Lucky Day This Month:

Scorpio Personality

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Peacock Ore Crystal


I was drawn to the peacock ore for you this month!

The message of the peacock ore:

You are stepping into the sun my darling. You are shining and glistening like the peacock ore. You are truly merging with your life plan, and becoming at one with your purpose.

Your Angel Card:
Knight of Abundance

 Sagittarians have been going through a (slow) transformation process. You are gradually discarding your old identity in preparation for a new you, a new era. This month expect a lurch forward as Higher Powers intervene to swiftly bring a lingering situation to an end.  Accept what happens secure in the knowledge that as one door shuts another will quickly open. Go with the flow.     
Lucky Day This Month:


Your Sagittarius Personality

Hermatite Crystal


I was drawn to the hermatite crystal for you this month!

The message of the hermatite:

You are magnetic and at your best when you release all fear and allow yourself to express your uncensored thoughts and ideas.

Your Angel Card:
4 of Emotions

There are opportunities around you, but you have been distracted and unable to focus. This may have left you feeling out of sorts or vaguely dissastified with your progress or situation. Accept that sometimes, even a Capricorn, will struggle to motivate themselves. This month, allow yourself the freedom to dare to dream the dream. Amazing success beckons ... but you must dare to embrace it.   
Lucky Day This Month:
Capricorn Personality


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I was drawn to the
scent of tulips
this month for you.

The message of the tulip:

The tulip was an ancient Persian symbol of love. Love is a wonderful driving force, let it direct and awaken your ambition. Sometimes we are best motivated when we do what we do, for others.

Your Angel Card: 
Messenger of Abundance

You receive wonderful news about your career or finances this month (possibly both). You are ready for a shakeup, to take on more challenging and ultimately fulfilling projects. Be optimistic Aquarius, everything happens for a reason. Do not second guess yourself, say YES to whatever lands on your doorstep.     

Lucky Day This Month:
Your Aquarius Personality

Datolite Crystal


I was drawn to the datolite crystal for you this month!

The message of the datolite:

A situation occurs with someone this month, which has it's roots in a past life. This interaction will feel strange and yet familiar. Pisces, you are going through an unusual time, and the lines between this life and past lives are becoming blurred.

Well, you did say you didn't want a boring life ... 

Your Angel Card:
7 of Abundance

Sometimes dreams grow slowly. Whatever it is, you have been dreaming of Pisces - your efforts and prayers have not gone unanswered. Even if it seems like they have. The angels just ask a little more patience. Prepare yourself this month, because events are likely to move swiftly when everything comes together by mid July.

Lucky Day This Month: 14th
Your Pisces Personality


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