July 2016 Horoscopes By Psychic Karina

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July Horoscope
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

Your Guardian Angel Card:
Six of Abundance

Heaven opens its loving arms and pours abundance into your life. Perhaps life hasn't been easy recently, but know that everything is working out as it was always destined to. The angels are sending you a gift this month, one that will make your heart sing. It may be financial, love, friendship or a wish fulfilled. This is a fortunate blessing indeed.  

Lucky Day This Month: 5th

Your Guardian Angel Card:
Ace of Thought
Faith is everything, particularly right now and for you Scorpio. The angels bless you with a flash of inspiration in July, and it's important that you trust it and more importantly, act on it. Perhaps the angels will use someone else to deliver their message. Whatever the case, don't be dissuaded by potential challenges. It is the beginning of something wonderful. In fact, it is the solution to the question 'what should I do with my life?'.
Lucky Day This Month: 22nd

Your Guardian Angel Card:
A Happy Change

Sagittarians - I've been telling you to go within for some time, to contemplate life and meditate. The reason is, you are going through a major spiritual detox, and this will have played havoc with your emotions. Fortunately the dust is beginning to settle and you experience your first breakthrough this month. Events move forward, expect a sudden change or the need to make some quick decisions. It's all in answer to your prayers. 
Lucky Day This Month: 25th

Your Guardian Angel Card:
6 of Thought

Peaceful times are on the horizon. Stresses that dogged you for some time, miraculously fade away. Now you can relax and start to plan a new future. My lovely Capricorn, you do like to plan! Travel overseas may be scheduled this month, if so, you'll really benefit from the break. Don't be surprised if you come back with an exciting new idea or two. For those Capricorns not travelling, the peace you experience this month will cause you to feel like you've been away. 

Lucky Day This Month: 7th

Your Guardian Angel Card:
7 of Emotions

The angels ask you to make an important decision this month, one that you've been putting off. It may result in changes to your routine, or mean acknowledging that something is no longer working. Ask the angels for guidance, but chances are, you already know what you need to do. Even if you don't act, you can at least plan. Release unproductive daydreams and get focused.

Lucky Day This Month: 4th

Your Guardian Angel Card:
3 of Emotions

There is cause for celebration in the family this month - it could be engagement, wedding, birth, exam results - or news you have been waiting for. It is an exciting new beginning which brings great joy. You've been trying to stay positive for some time now, and finally your efforts are rewarded.
Lucky Day This Month: 19th

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