January By Star Sign

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January 2019



Scorpio Star Sign
24 October-22 November 

Scorpio star sign
Water Sign: Scorpio

2019 promises to be an amazing year for you Scorpio. Literally, you have the Midas touch, everything you touch turns to gold. Whatever you put effort into, relationships, work, projects or study - you are successful. In some cases, succesful beyond your wildest dreams.

While it may seem to outsiders that you are lucky, really you are only reaping the rewards of your efforts.

Financially 2019 will be a very good year. It is worth remembering that money can raise us up - we can use it to build something of value and share our good fortune with others. Or, it can drag up down, tease out our worst traits like the desire to show off. Money is not the root of all evil, it is simply a tool to test our character.

As you become more successful Scorpio, stay true to your core values.


Your motto for 2019:
I am making a difference

Key Tarot Card:
King of Pentacles


Sagittarius Star Sign
23 November-21 December

Sagittarius star sign
Fire Sign: Archer

2019 should provide some explosive personal insights Sagittarius. As the year begins, you will feel inclined to spend time alone, as you ponder the bigger questions in life, like, who am I, and where is my life heading? This will initially prove unsettling as the answers remain out of reach. That said, whatever time you take for yourself at the start of the year is not a luxury, but a necessity.

 By mid year - you are much clearer - and what you have learnt about yourself is truly wonderful and energizes you.

No matter what stage of life you are at - student - worker or retired - expect to end the year truly impassioned by what you are doing. Whatever you think this passion may be right now - think again. It is likely to be something completely different.


 Your motto for 2019:
You only live once

Key Tarot Card:


Capricorn Star Sign
22 December-20 January

Aries star sign
Earth Sign: Goat

2019 is all about out-of-the-blue opportunities for you, Capricorn. As uncomfortable as this may be to a natural born planner - you cannot plan what is about to happen.

This is because the opportunity which comes to you, is the result of someone else's good fortune.

It may be that a family member, friend or employer approaches you - as the most switched on person in their network - to help them with a situation or opportunity which lands on their doorstep. It just so happens, it falls right into your skillset.

It promises to be a fascinating year, full of surprises and opportunities to learn.

Your motto for 2019:
This is fun

Key Tarot Card:
Page of Pentacles


Aquarius Star Sign
January 21 - February 18 

aquarius picture
Air Sign: Water Bearer

2019 is the year to bring your dreams to fruition. So often we give up too easily, and then bemoan how nothing works out for us. In January you are reminded that any worthy goal takes time and persistence to bear fruit. Master impatience and don't take it as a 'sign' when things don't work out as quickly as you hoped. Have pride in what you are doing, and remember the journey will have worthy moments too - it's not just about the destination.

You start 2019 inspired with your goals, and as tempting as it will be to quit in the ensuing weeks and months, you must not. Your mission is to finish what you start this year, dedicate yourself and you will achieve something truly spectacular. Aquarius, you are a gift to us all. 

Your motto for 2019:
I refuse to quit!

Key Tarot Card:
7 of Pentacles

Pisces Star Sign
19 February-20 March

Pisces star sign
Water Sign: Fish

2019 promises to be one of those rare Golden years, an era you look back on and say - boy, that was a beautiful year. Literally, as you step into the first day of January my Pisces friend, start counting your blessings. Live in the moment - literally soak up every conversation, every day - because they will be tomorrow's golden memories.

 With this era, comes good fortune. Whatever area of your life has suffered, should see improvement. Finances, relationships and emotional well-being. This will be of particular relief to Pisces who have been experiencing a difficult time.

It's not that anything you do has changed - it's simply time for your day in the sun. 

Your motto for 2019:
I feel healed

Key Tarot Card:
9 of Pentacles


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