Capricorn Star Sign: 22 December, 20 January, Famous Capricorns, Compatibility Chart, Personality Traits, Goat Symbol

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Capricorn Star Sign
22 December-20 January
Aries star sign
Earth Sign: Goat

Famous Capricorns

Kate Middleton
Sienna Miller
Kate Moss
Michelle Obama
Diane Keaton
Dolly Parton
Elvis Presely
Orlando Bloom
Nicolas Cage
Mao Zedong
Al Capone
Mel Gibson
Conrad Hilton
Anthony Hopkins 

Personality Traits

Capricorn's element is Earth making them practical, reliable and literally, down to earth sort of people. Their ruling quality is Cardinal which accounts for their driving ambition and leadership skills. In fact, Capricorn is the astrological sign of ambition and achievement. Those born under this star sign are ruled by the planet Saturn which explains their self-discipline and ability to achieve their goals despite whatever obstacles may come their way.

Like the Goat that represents this sign, the true Capricorn is consciously focused on climbing the mountain - whether the perceived 'mountain' is career or a long-held ambition. Those born under this sun sign are said to be the most dutiful of all the zodiac signs and certainly the most single-minded! Success is crucial to Capricorns and the more successful they become the happier and more confident they are, although they still like to complain!
Despite their serious nature, their single-mindedness and, what is often seen as an austere character, Capricorn's saving grace is their wonderful sense of humour, which is both offbeat and witty! Saturn's influence on those born under Capricorn is major - and it is this influence that has helped to create some of the most successful, self-made people, in the world.

Capricorn Love Life

Perhaps it is the influence of the mountain goat intent on climbing great heights, that makes the Capricorn a little shy and to some extent, aloof. Your dedication to work means you have less time for play and this can make it difficult for you to meet a mate. The ideal situation for Capricorn is to meet their partner at work - and their perfect partner is someone who shares their desire for success and who isn't afraid of hard work. Like everything you do, your standards are high and you will consider all your options before making a lifelong commitment, but when you do, your chosen one can be confident of being loved for life! Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, with their hidden passion and earthy sensuality, are the ideal match for Capricorn.

Capricorn at Work

Work is where Capricorn comes into his or her own! Whether you are working for a large company or locked away in your managing director's office on the top floor you are likely to work longer and harder than anyone else. Those born under this star sign work well with others, provided everyone knows they are the leader of the team! In the ideal world, Capricorns own their own business and you will find them at the center of many true-life 'rags to riches' stories. The longer you can run things on your own the better and you need to be very sure before you go into partnership with anyone - watch out, because your unbending nature and your conscientious approach to work are not always shared by others! Careers that involve using your awesome organizational skills will suit you.

Capricorn Family and Friends

Once you find the time, you are a devoted and loving friend, partner and parent! You can be relied on to provide a shoulder to cry on, a word of encouragement when it's needed or just a big ol' hug! But take care, because you work so hard you may miss out on the fun of spending time with family and friends. Showering them with gifts is all very well, but it won't make up for your absence - make a deliberate effort to switch off work regularly and find time to play - you may surprise yourself and actually enjoy it!

Capricorn Health

The most difficult time, healthwise, in a Capricorns life is the early years. Once they reach puberty, they become stronger and, are the longest living of all the zodiac signs. The parts of the body ruled by the astrological sign of Capricorn are the teeth and the joints. Bearing this in mind, make sure to visit your dentist regularly! Many Capricorns are excellent athletes, including boxers Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier and golfer Tiger Woods. To avoid developing stiff joints as you get older, make sure to take plenty of exercise - walking, running, jogging will all help to keep you mobile and you might even take up golfing! Keeping warm is also important and many Capricorns enjoy particularly good health when they live in the sunshine.

To Maintain Balance

Getting the work versus play balance right is always going to be difficult for you, but don't let that stop you trying! In addition, making money is likely to excite you more than spending it, but take care not to take that too far or you could end up appearing mean!



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