August 2018 Horoscopes with Karina Collins

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August Horoscopes
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

This month I used Angel Tarot Cards by
Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine
for your monthly horoscope.

Your Angel Card:
Knight of Air (Swords)
Events move with great speed this month, so good news for Aries who have been waiting on a situation to resolve itself or events to unfold. Certain elements of your life will now fall into place so you can finally move forward with your life. All Aries experience a sudden urge of motivation and energy as the month progresses.
Lucky Day This Month: 8th

Your Angel Card:  Knight of Earth (Pentacles)
While summer-time (for my Northern Hemisphere Taureans) is associated with relaxation and fun - don't be surprised if you have a sudden burst of energy and want to tackle new projects or complete old ones. This could manifest itself in many ways - at work - in the home or self development. This renewed motivation is a sign that you are completing an internal transition, and are signaling to the Universe 'I'm ready for so much more now.'
Lucky Day This Month: 14th

Your Angel Card: The Moon
An important month for Gemini. Expect a sudden insight - an 'aha' moment which helps you finally tackle the issue that has held you back for so long. After this, there is no looking back. Literally it is the dawn of a new era, and it is the most wonderfully liberating feeling you've had in years.
Lucky Day This Month: 3rd

Your Angel Card: 2 of Air (Swords)
Sometimes you can struggle so long with decisions, they never get taken, or somewhere along the line you lose the momentum. Don't allow this to happen with new ideas you've been playing around with.
Cancer is a water sign, which means you are naturally intuitive and should trust your intuition. Do not mistake fear as a sign you are not ready and do not allow past 'failures' to infect tomorrow.

Lucky Day This Month: 16th 

Your Angel Card: 3 of Air (Swords)
There are times in all our lives when we must say goodbye to certain people or situations. This may be sad or a welcome relief. Either way, Higher Powers are in control at present Leo and you must simply ride the wave and see where it takes you. You are going through a major spiritual detox this year, and all areas of your life will feel the repercussions. This is all in preparation for specular new opportunities in 2019.
Lucky Day This Month: 19th


Your Angel Card: Queen of Earth (Pentacles)

Your internal center of spirituality is powerfully activated this month, so expect a major spiritual breakthrough. This is an ideal time to meditate and spend time alone with your thoughts. The message is: you Virgo, are destined to do things that make a real difference in the world. Life is short so take action now.

Also: This month is lucky for Virgo's who are job hunting or seeking a study opportunity.
Lucky Day This Month: 16th


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