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August Horoscope
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

Your Angel Card: 8 of Fire (Wands)

Key message this month: Delays are over! If you've been waiting for something to manifest, expect good news and forward momentum. August will be a happy month for Libra, so enjoy all the good energy and acknowledge your angels and spirit helpers for the abundance they are sending your way.  

Lucky Day This Month:

Your Angel Card: Page of Water (Cups)
Beautiful energy around you this month, ideal manifestation energy for Scorpio's who want to attract more love into their life. Love comes in many forms - romantic, friendship, children and animals. It will come to you in the way you most value at this time. Your intuition is at an all-time high, so act on impulses and release the over-thinking for now.
Lucky Day This Month: 12th

Your Angel Card: Awakening (Hanged Man)
Many Sagittarians are experiencing a major shakeup, and while this is unsettling, remember the Universe sometimes uses dramatic means to manifest it's plan. This month may be quieter than normal, and it's a welcome relief. That is because your fortune planet Saturn is in retrograde until the 25th. After this time, the pace will pick up again, hurling you towards a beautiful new path.
Lucky Day This Month:  29th
Ps: If you dream of death this month - as often happens with this sort of energy - it is a reminder to get on with living your life purpose.

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Your Angel Card: Ace of Fire (Wands)

Capricorn, my favorite goal-orientated goat, you are only happy when you have something to work towards. You may have been rummaging around for a new goal lately, and it has been important not to rush this process. Sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses. It is in the down-time, you become inspired by the next project. This month, as the Ace of Fire says, an exciting new opportunity presents. 

Lucky Day This Month: 25th

Your Angel Card: Knight Of Water (Cups)
Romance angels are swirling around Aquarius at the moment, so good news for those seeking love or hoping to move to the next level of commitment in a relationship. This sort of 'love vibration', is also related to passion - so some of you may stumble on a project or idea that impassions you, and could transform your life in years to come. 

Lucky Day This Month: 12th  

Your Angel Card: 10 of Fire (Wands)
If you feel a bit directionless at the moment Pisces, don't worry.  There are times in life where we need to plan, and times to let go and ride the current. This is one of those times, so relax and allow yourself to be carried to your destination. Trust the process and don't be surprised if you find yourself heading in an exciting, if unexpected new direction.
Lucky Day This Month: 3rd

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