April 2018 Horoscopes And Angel Guidance

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April 2018 Star Signs
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

Amber crystal


I was drawn to the amber crystal for you this month!

The message of the Amber:

The amber clears stagnant energy, and kick starts a rejuvenation, emotionally and physically in your body.


Your Angel Card:

There is a situation which has worried you and you have felt unable to make a decision. Now suddenly this month, everything becomes completely clear to you. This is a moment of awakening and it both excites and scares you! Remember, nothing changes without making changes. 
Lucky Day This Month: 9th

Libra - All About You

Orange Oil

I was drawn to the
scent of orange oil
this month for you.

The message of orange oil:

This ultimate healing oil inspires happiness and the joy of lazy summer days. Heaven sends you blessings of joy.

Your Angel Card:
6 of Joy

Lucky you this month Scorpio! There is cause for celebration as you receive recognition for past efforts. This could mean a new job, promotion, winning an award or competition, or passing an exam. Whatever your circumstances or needs, the angels find a way to send you an appropriate Heaven-sent gift.
Lucky Day This Month:

Your Scorpio Personality

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I was drawn to rose quartz crystal this month for you.

The message of rose quartz:

Love, a happy family, home and emotional stability. These are all within your reach now.


Your Angel Card:
Change of Direction

Perhaps you are in the middle of making some changes, or maybe you are still in the thinking phase. Either way, events are unlikely to turn out as you expect, in fact you end up heading in a different direction. This is not something you can logically plan, your role is simply to follow the path as it opens before you. Don't worry, everything will work out so much better than you could ever have anticipated.
Lucky Day This Month: 6th

Your Sagittarius Personality 

I was drawn to the power of gold this month for you.

The message of gold:

Mental clarity is approaching, there is a clearing in the neural pathways of your brain.

Your Angel Card:
Rest and Prepare

Sometimes goals take time to formulate, and this is one of those times Capricorn. You are the ultimate 'doer' so it frustrates you when you feel goal-less. This month, be gentle with yourself, use the time to relax and get away from the world (at least in your mind, if you can't travel). Everything will come to you at the right time. An illumination is coming and it is worth it's weight in gold.
Lucky Day This Month: 30th

Your Capricorn Personality  




Ylang Ylang Oil

I was drawn to the
scent of ylang ylang
this month for you.

The message of ylang ylang:

This ultimate spiritual awakening oil, helps you see more clearly. Your spirit guide is clearing the fog, guiding you towards your soul path.  


Your Angel Card:
Deep Longing

Aquarius have been going through huge emotional shifts this year. This is in response to your deep longing for something more meaningful in your life. In your heart you know there is more 'out there' for you, and that requires significant change. If you have tried to avoid change, it comes anyway, with or without your permission. A magical new life is waiting, so don't be scared. Say YES to the Universe, admit you are ready.  

 Lucky Day This Month:

Your Aquarius Personality

I was drawn to the scent of the tulip this month for you.

The message of the tulip:

The tulip was an ancient Persian symbol of love.  The tulip comes to you today to grant you permission to make yourself a priority.


Your Angel Card:
Health Is A Priority

As the healer of the zodiac you have a habit of neglecting your own needs, and right now, you are running on empty. Be ruthless this month, take a knife to the parts of your life or people, who are not essential to your happiness. If you can't avoid a situation, at least shut yourself off mentally so it can't drain you. The second half of 2018 promises to be a major turning point in your life, with lots of wonderful things to look forward to. We just need to make sure you're still standing upright to enjoy it! 
Lucky Day This Month:

 Your Pisces Personality


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