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What is Your Life Purpose?

You have a gift, time to discover it!


Spiritual Assessment



This call is for you if you feel you are meant to be doing more with your life.   Maybe we will discover you are a healer, or perhaps a teacher, author, counsellor or even psychic!

 If you need some direction and want to uncover your career direction ... then this assessment is for you.


What You Receive

A questionnaire to uncover your talents and history.
I personally analyze your result and use my psychic intuition to guide you.
40 minute Skype call with Karina to chat about your results. It's also a great chance to ask any questions you have.  


About £90 Stg / $110 USD / $148 Aus Dollars


After Payment

I email you a survey to complete after ordering.
I assess your answers and we arrange a call to discuss your results.
Call and assessment usually completed within 10 working days

Reviews ....

No one else has ever been able to tell me exactly what my purpose is. Karina, on the other hand, nailed it. It resonated so deeply for me and I couldn't be more grateful. Not only did Karina give me an answer to a question I've had my whole life, she gave me steps and tools to help me move towards manifesting it into my life. Karina also gave me information about my soul and why I am the way I am; she pointed out things I've never shared with anyone and mentioned other things that I didn't even know about myself! In taking her advice, I am already receiving concrete and tangible confirmation that I am moving in the right direction. I don't feel lost anymore or like I have no direction. I am so, so happy and grateful I found Karina because this assessment changed my life in the best way.
Mona, Canada

Thanks for a wonderful chat - the path is clear and I am motivated to live an exciting life!
Suresh, Philippines

Thank you so much for all of this info. This is exactly how I needed it presented... I like your step by step approach. You are truly a teacher, which is how your site is different than most! I will work on this and will be back in touch. Thank you again!
Devon, Texas

I had an amazing time talking with you this morning!  It's a relief to know that this is my path and it makes total sense as to why after talking with you.  Love your energy by the way...a very happy, comfortable, loving feeling :)  I'm really excited about this new journey. ... I almost feel like my life just started today...really cool feeling.
Jennifer, 32, USA

Thank you so much Karina for my assessment last week. I thought I was going mad, but now I understand it all much better. My head feels like it is lifting off, but you explained why this is happening and where it's all leading. I can't wait to explore things further.
Avery, 23, London

Amazing, just what I needed. A lot of strange things had been happening, my energy was going nuts to the point I couldn't go into a shop without feeling drained. I was already interested in alternative health, but with your direction I've decided to some training and just signed up for a Reiki course. Thank you, thank you!
Claire, 41, Dublin

I couldn't talk to anyone else about this, they would have locked me up! It was just such a relief to talk to someone who understood and could help me.
Yvonne, 34, Cavan

Things that go bump in the night, strange smells that no-one else is getting ..... it was so good to talk to someone who could explain it all to me. Thank you Karina, you have given me an exciting (but still scary!!) new direction to discover.
Milda, 63, Devon

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** Only for clients who have completed the initial assessment.**

Continue to develop your spiritual career under my guidance. Each session is between 40-60 minutes by phone/Skype and is used to discuss ongoing events as you explore your gifts. This is a support facility for both trainee and professional spiritual workers.



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