Snakes: Spiritual Meaning, What It Means When You See A Snake

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Snakes: Spiritual Meaning

Symbolic meaning of Snakes

Has a snake crossed your path?
Or appeared in your dreams?
Or 'coincidentally' you keep seeing pictures of snakes?

If so, the spirit world wishes to convey a message.

Your Message  ...
One or more of the following will apply ..

You are about to go through major personal changes. The changes are so dramatic and intense it feels like the old you is dying and a new you is emerging.

An issue which has dragged you down for a long time is about to be resolved. You can finally let go of the past.

You are about to experience an unexpected physical or emotional healing. 

This is a good time to practice yoga and awaken your kundalini energy.

Snake As Your Totem Animal

If the snake is your power totem animal, it means you have gained a deeper interest in ancient spiritual practices. You have the ability to see and manipulate energy and bring about great healings to others.

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