Owls Spiritual Meaning: What Message Do Owls Have For You?

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What Message Has The OWL?

If an owl appears to you, it has a message from the spirit world. Don't pass it off as coincidence!


Your Spiritual Message

The message(s) which FEELS right, is the message for you:

Now is a significant time for prophecy - you see, hear or dream events before they happen. Your intuition is growing powerfully.

You will soon find yourself in the right place at the right time. Do NOT fear the opportunity presented, take it. Be fearless and courageous. You are more than ready and capable.

You have or will start a course or a new job and are worried you can't cope. You can and will. The spirit world encourage you to keep going.

You feel someone is being deceptive. The owl comes to say, yes you are right. This only applies if you have been constantly worried about one person in particular.

Now is a good time to practice more meditation, or sit alone in silence.

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