Eagles: Spiritual Meaning, What It Means When You See An Eagle

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Eagle: Spiritual Meaning

by Karina Collins

International Psychic

See an eagle
It appears in your dreams or meditation.

Your Message:

There is an opportunity you are considering, and the eagle guides you to take it, and take it soon before the moment passes or you lose motivation.

You are going through a spiritual awakening, beginning to experience a closer connection to the Source of all love. Detach from the mundane of ordinary life and listen because you are being told how best to serve humanity. It may start with a small idea, but from seeds grow trees and fruit. If you struggle to hear, the eagle guides you to visit a sacred monument or holy spot for clarity.

Whatever thoughts you put 'out there' (about yourself or others) comes back double-fold, now more than ever. So be aware of your thoughts. 


If the eagle is your spirit guide
you have an eagle tattoo.

Your Message:

You were born spiritually advanced and have the ability to inspire others with deeds or words. Every challenge you overcome, and there will be many, is necessary for your spiritual development. Even though you are an old soul, you may still do 'ordinary' jobs at various times in life for personal growth. Ultimately however you are destined to lead a spiritually directed life.

One of your major life lessons is to conserve energy - avoid becoming too impassioned by everything - focus your attention on what's truly important.

Pay attention to sensations on the top of your head, such as pressure, tingling or dizziness. This is how your guides alert you to pay attention to what's going on around you, or in your head at that moment. 









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