Dragons Spiritual Meaning: Symbolism And Message From The Universe

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What Message Has The Dragon?

If you suddenly seem bombarded with images of dragons everywhere you look, or you are attracted to dragons ... then the Universe has a message for you ....

Your Spiritual Message

You are in or about to enter a new phase in your life. This new phase involves taking more risks than normal and you feel vulnerable - know that you are protected. The Universe is behind you. 

You lived a past life where you dedicated your time to spiritual practices. This may have been as a nun, monk, priest or priestess. Or it may have been as a wiccan, druid or shaman. This knowledge is not forgotten, it sits within your soul waiting to be 'downloaded'. The more you open yourself through regular meditation or quiet time alone, the quicker you download it and understand your purpose.


If you felt the need to have a dragon tattooed on your body, the Universe subconsciously directed you. It is meant as a physical daily reminder to:
Keep looking for adventure. Don't settle for the mundane out of fear or lack of confidence.
Never ignore your spiritual path, it is essential to your life purpose.


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