Dolphin Symbolism Meaning: What Message Do Dolphins Have For You?

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What Message Has The Dolphin?

If a dolphin appears to you, he has a message from the spirit world. The dolphin could appear in your dreams, or pop up everywhere you look ... on your FB newsfeed, in magazines, on TV or the radio ....

If an animal repeatedly appears to you, don't pass it off as coincidence.


Your Spiritual Message

The message(s) which FEELS right, is the message for you:

The Spirit world wants to raise your vibration so that they can communicate with you more easily. You do this by thinking more lovingly about the people in your life, particularly those you have difficulties with. Smile more and notice how the world smiles back. By cocooning yourself in loving thoughts, you raise your personal energy and make it easier for spirits to work with you.

What does it feel like to raise your vibration?
Remember that warm fuzzy feeling you experienced with your first love? Every cell in your body oozed joy ... literally you bounced on a different frequency. That is what it feels like to raise your vibration. It is the power your thoughts have to change your physical and spiritual energy.  

Life has become a bit dull and monotonous, you need to breathe some freshness into your day.

You have communication problems with a significant person in your life. Try to listen more and talk less. Ask questions, but don't give the impression you want them to answer in a certain way. Allow them to express their real feelings. It will change everything.

You are advised by Higher Powers to move into spiritual work. If you are already doing this, it is time to deepen your connection. This may mean attending a retreat or finding an experienced teacher.

You are highly intuitive, psychic and even telepathic, with both animals and people.

Part of your life mission is to protect the planet. You are a guardian and should help clean up the environment.

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