Spiritual Meaning of Deers: Deer Dreams

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Deer: Spiritual Meaning

What It Means When You
SEE or DREAM about

The message of the deer is simple:

Deer is associated with feminine energy - you are nurturing by nature and sometimes people can take too much, leaving you feeling deflated and empty. When you see the deer, take it as a sign you should speak up - demand more respect, even withdraw your services until those in question recognise your value.

Your intuition is at an all-time high, trust those gut feelings/messages you have been receiving.

Now is the time to uncover your spiritual gifts through study or practice. You often sense what people are about to say before they say it, for a reason!

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Interesting Facts

Deer are part of the cervidae family that include moose, reindeer and elk! Hello Rudolf ....!

Deer are born with white spots but loose them within a year.

A male deer is called a buck, and a big male deer a stag.

A female deer is called a doe.


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