Crows Spiritual Meaning: What Message Do Blackbirds Have For You?

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If a blackbird (or crow/raven) appears to you, it has a message from the spirit world. This bird could appear in your dreams, swoop into your house or gather in crowds to watch as you pass by ...

 The blackbird is a very powerful spirit messenger. Don't pass it off as coincidence.


Your Spiritual Message

The message(s) which FEELS right, is the message for you:

You are on the verge of finally manifesting something you've been working towards for some time.

You have been receiving spiritual guidance and signs - but you have either missed them or don't understand what they mean. Let yourself be guided by Spirit - they are calling on you to be true to yourself. They are asking you to raise your thoughts to the unseen world, to connect so they can send you clearer messages.

You are trying to navigate your way through a difficult patch in a relationship with a loved one, friend or colleague. The road is bumpy and the blackbird wants to caution you to stay alert.