Spiritual Meaning Of Cats: What They Mean

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Cats: What They Mean!

What it means when a cat crosses your path!

Has a strange cat crossed your path and you intuitively felt it meant something?
Or perhaps it stopped to stare as though it wanted to say something?

If so ... this is the message of the cat ....

Your Message  ...

One or more of the following may resonate with you:

This is a time of magic for you, expect the unexpected. A new career will evolve and it is nothing you could have planned for.

One of your spirit guides is an ancestor and they are trying to communicate with you. You know who it is, the first person you think of is correct. If you struggle to hear them, ask them to pass you guidance in your dreams.  

You feel so wrapped up in someone else's life (partner, family or child) that you are no longer sure where you begin and the other ends. The cat guides you to break unhealthy dependencies and rediscover the joy of being you (there is so much more to you!).

Is A Black Cat Lucky Or Unlucky?

Some cultures consider the black cat lucky, while others unlucky. It was onced even believed that a lady who owns a black cat will have many lovers in her lifetime!

Although I associate black cats with good luck - any luck that I receive is less to do with cats and more to do with my mindset.

 If you believe something will bring you good luck, it is more likely to. Why? Because thoughts boomerang back to us - you get what you put 'out there'.

It's no coincidence that people who believe they are lucky, are far more likely to be so.

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