Cardinals Spiritual Meaning: Symbol Of Cardinal Birds, What It Means To Find One?

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Cardinals: Spiritual Meaning

When a bird seems to be looking for attention, or it appears repeatedly (at least 3 times in a short-period of time), it wants to convey a message from the spirit world.

Spiritual Meaning

The message(s) that resonate with you are the correct one(s) for you:

If you were thinking about a loved one in Heaven when the cardinal appeared, know that you were not alone. Your loved one was with you.

  Stop RIGHT NOW!! Be in the moment. Cardinals remind us to stay connected to the here and now, the fleeting moments which are tomorrow's memories.

You are aware that you have good intuition and want to explore the spiritual area further. You may not be sure how to do this, but the cardinal says you must find a way because you have a talent.
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You have moved around a lot and are ready now to settle in one place. The cardinal confirms it is time to 'nest'.

You are entering a creative time and the cardinal sprinkles blessings on your projects.

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