Bees: Spiritual Meaning When A Bee Acts Strange Around You

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What Message Has The Bee?
Spiritual Meanings
by Karina Collins
International Psychic


What it means when you see a bee

What it means when a BEE is near you. When an animal or an insect acts in an unusual way around you or appears repeatedly (at least 3 times in a short-period of time), it is trying to convey a message from the spirit world to you.




The bee means:

It's time to stop thinking and DO - get organized and put your ideas into action. You know the expression 'busy as a bee' - well, the spirit world wants to encourage you to act like the bee - move forward with your plans.


This is a very fertile time for you - for some that literally means baby making - but for most it guides you to be mentally creative - to find new solutions to lingering problems, allow ideas to come to fruition. If no solution comes to mind right now, it will shortly, so pay attention.


If you have an idea that will benefit many people or your local community, take this as a blessing from the spirit world to go ahead with it. You will find the cooperation you seek.


If you have been working on a project or situation for a while, the bee says 'stay with it', the fruits of your labor will be forthcoming.


Key Message

The bee wants to assure you that the idea circulating in your mind at the time of it's appearance is worth while.



Did You Know?

A honey bee is a loving creature and will rarely sting - usually it only stings when it fears it's nest is under attack. When it does sting, it releases a chemical that incites other nearby bees to join in the attack.
So don't mess with the bee!


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