Spiritual Meaning of Badgers: Badger Dreams

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Badgers: Spiritual Meaning

What It Means When You
SEE or DREAM about Badgers

One or more message will resonate with you:

Stop delaying - you know what to do, and it is time to do it.

Stop waiting for others to take the lead, YOU take the lead.

If you are feeling angry at others, perhaps it is time to stop blaming them and take action yourself. Speak up, act - do something to make your circumstances happier. Don't be a victim.

You are a powerful healer, and can heal others by listening and suggesting a better way. If you dream about badgers it is a sign to consider a career in alternative therapies.

You inspire people with your words - you are a natural storyteller.

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Interesting Facts

Badgers usually only come out at night.

They can run up to 30 km/hour.

A group of badgers is known as a CLAN. Typically a clan will have between 10-15 badgers.

Badgers are found in Ireland, GB, Europe and North America.


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