Archangel Metatron: Angel Of Spiritual Knowledge And Askashic Records

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by Karina Collins
International Psychic

Archangel Metatron

Angel of Spiritual Awareness

About This Amazing Archangel

Metatron is unique among angels in that he was once human. His name means 'He who serves behind the throne.'

He is the keeper of the Akashic records which contain all the deeds of your past lives. He helps you understand your karma (why things happen to you and why certain people have entered your life).

As he holds secret knowledge of the Universe, he is a powerful angel to have by your side - particularly if you are interested in learning more about the spirit world.

Call On Metatron If You Need Help To:

1. Access information from your past lives.
2. Understand the reason (life lesson) certain people are in, or have been in your life.
3. Break negative patterns of behaviour.

4. Increase your psychic and mediumship abilities.
5. Grasp deeper spiritual knowledge. Metatron is a teacher and mentor.

Prayer To Call On Metatron


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