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Each astrological star sign has an angel that presides over it. Discover which Archangel rules your sign.

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Your Angel: Archangel Ariel
Color of Light Associated With Aries: Pink
Your Key Chakra: Heart chakra
The pink ray is associated with Aries, it rules your heart and helps you find harmonious relationships. You have a great ability to love and nurture others, it is part of your life purpose. Many people are afraid to open their heart chakra, you must not be afraid, you were born under the sign of the heart chakra. Archangel Ariel is your spiritual advisor. She is the archangel of nature (connected with fairies) - so you will have a love of baby animals and nature. Ariel reminds you to approach life with the innocence and wonder of a child.

Your Angel:
Archangel Chamuel
Color Of Light Associated With Taurus: Blue
Your Key Chakra: Throat chakra
Chamuel is particularly influential in helping you to find relationships, friendships and fulfilling careers. So call on him when you need help in these areas, particularly if you are seeking your life purpose. The colour blue and the throat chakra are associated with Taurus - this means you are to learn in this life to speak only words of truth and kindness. If it's not nice, don't say it! The kinder you are, the more powerful and positive karmic energy returns to you. Although Chamuel is associated with this sign, Archangel Michael is also associated with you. He inspires you to be brave and courageous with your life (and not to settle too easily or fall at the first hurdles).

Your Angel:
Archangel Zadkiel
Color Of Light Associated With Gemini: Violet
Your Key Chakra: Crown chakra
Violet, the light colour associated with Gemini, has the highest vibration out of all the colour's in the rainbow. It is associated with the crown chakra, which means you are likely to travel a spiritual path at some stage in your life. When you do start, there is no turning back - if you try to live an 'ordinary' life, once your journey begins, you will find obstacle after obstacle in your way. Keep moving forward and don't fight change because it will come regardless (with violet as your colour, transformation is inevitable). Archangel Zadkiel is the angel of compassion and forgiveness (which is a good match for Gemini the flirt!). Zadkiel supports you in your life, he helps keep you positive and enthusiastic about life.

Your Angel:
Archangel Gabriel
It should be noted, there is some debate as to whether or not Gabriel is male or female, in early history this Archangel was referred to as 'she' but in later years became 'he'. Personally I feel Gabriel's energy is feminine.

Colour Of Light Associated With Cancer:
Your Key Chakra: Sacral chakra
Cancerians are a wonderful mixture of power and nurture, which is why they attract the attention of Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel has particular interest in children - so she loves to be with those who are rearing or working with children, as well as those involved in healing. She is also the messenger angel so may inspire you to write, teach or follow some other creative path. The sacral chakra, which is orange in colour, is associated with your sign. When you are in touch with yourself, this chakra shines brightly and feels like you have a happy, bright sun inside. If you have struggled with happiness, call on Gabriel to guide you back to your destined path.


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