Meanings Of Feathers: Red, Spotted, Purple, Green, White And Brown Feathers From Your Angel

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Angel Feathers
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Congratulations, your spiritual gift is appearing!

Red signifies passion - not the sort of passion associated with lovers, but a passion of the soul - finding your true voice and gift. Pay attention because your angel says your gift is unfolding. Don't look for dramatic fire-works, most gifts appear without fuss as they unfold - for example, your intuition could be improving, your healing abilities developing.


You or someone you love is healing!

If you asked for healing for yourself or for a loved one, take the unusual appearance of a green feather as a powerful sign that Archangel Raphael is performing his healing.


Release the past, it is tiring your soul!

Your body and mind is tired from holding onto the past. Release old wounds, forgive and move forward. In return for forgiveness you acquire peace of mind and a brighter future.


Communicate your feelings!

Your angel wants you to address your feelings - to speak your mind and insist others listen to you. This may be in general, or it will relate to a specific issue or person at the time of discovering the purple feather.


Your judgment is clouded!

Your angel comes to warn you not to be hasty in making a decision in your life right now. Your judgment is clouded by emotion - allow a little time to pass, perhaps a few days or weeks before acting.



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