Meanings Of Feathers: Red, Spotted, Purple, Green, White And Brown Feathers From Your Angel

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Angel Feathers
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Your Angel Is HERE!

If you find a white feather in an unusual place (perhaps on your clothing, in your shoe, or it falls out of the sky when there is no bird in sight...) - it is a sign from your angel to say 'hi, I'm here! You are not alone!'. A white feather represents the pure angelic beauty of angels, and it acts as a calling card. If you are receiving white feathers your angel is trying very hard to connect with you. So acknowledge your angel, thank her for being with you ... start the conversation, chat for a few minutes a day. While at first it may feel like you are talking to yourself, gradually you will begin to feel her presence and take huge comfort from it.



Congratulations, you are on the right path!

You may have been asking for guidance - is this the right thing for me to do? If you are left a yellow feather by your angel, then the answer is YES, it is. Yellow is associated with movement and new beginnings. No matter what age you are, you are urged to keep trying new things and moving forward - that is how your soul grows and your vibration continues to rise to the next level. Yellow is a sign that you have one foot on Earth, and one in the spiritual realm. This means you feel the connection of the spirit world around you in your daily life (your angel confirms this by sending you a yellow feather).


Angel is protecting your energy during your spiritual awakening!

Your energy is changing and you are being prepared for closer contact with spiritual beings (angels and spirits). During this process you may feel unusually emotionally, sensitive to criticism, loud noises and large groups of people. Your crown chakra is opening and you are becoming more sensitive - this sensitivity is necessary to pick up messages and clear guidance from the spirit world. If your angel leaves you a black feather she is saying 'it's OK, I'll protect you while you go through this development process'.




Change Is Coming!

This feather is a heads-up from your angel to say 'be prepared, change is coming!'. The change heralded by this feather is always good - even if it is disruptive or confusing.
Additionally, a black and white feather can be a message to say it's time to detox and look after your physical body.




Peace is on the way!

You may receive a gray feather at a time of turmoil in your life. It is a sign from your angel to reassure you 'this too shall pass'. See it as a reminder that you are not facing your challenges alone, your angel is by your side protecting you. This feather is also a sign to writers-in-waiting: put pen to paper, your thoughts are heavenly inspired.



Love is in the air!

Your angel announces the arrival of a new love - this may be a romantic partner, a child or grandchild. Whoever this person is, they are a soul-mate, one of the group of souls you are born with time and time again.

Occasionally a pink feather comes to those who are working on relationship difficulties. It is a confirmation you are doing the right thing, so keep going.


You have spiritual gifts!

When your angel leaves you a blue feather she says 'your spiritual gifts are appearing, take note!'. Usually this gift is either psychic or mediumship abilities. Before you say 'what me?', trust the sign! It means your connection to the spirit world is growing, you will be able to 'hear' and channel their wisdom. Ultimately you are supposed to use this knowledge for the benefit of others. Even if you are already working in a spiritual-based career, more is expected of you. For example, if you are a therapist, you will be able to take your work to a higher level because you will channel 'healing' from sources more powerful than you.





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