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What Is Your Gift?


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Everyone has a gift or talent which, if nurtured, is meant to help them make their mark in the world. Your angel says you have a gift for listening, and you should do something with it in 2018. Listening is a much under-rated gift, perhaps you don't even appreciate it yourself. And yet - when you listen with all your senses - actively using your ears, eyes and intuition, you gather information that makes you powerful. The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said. You can use this information to heal, counsel or guide others. Or you may simply use it to make better judgments for yourself - so you live a happy and fruitful life.

Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when most prefer to talk.



Your gift to the world is to nurture others, to help them become strong and positive contributors to our planet. You should do something with your gift in 2018.This may mean rearing or working with children, helping people in need or those who are ill or suffering from addictions. Where others only see the faults in people, you can 'see' into their soul and have the capacity to reach in and touch their inner core. Your only challenge is to accept that you cannot save everyone, but please don't let 'failures' dissuade you from your path. You my darling are a diamond!, although perversely you are also the least likely to accept this about yourself! Everyone is willing to believe in you .... If you gain nothing more from my readings but begin to realize your true worth, then my job is done. It is your time to shine.






Your gift to the world involves the manipulation of energy (you may be prone to static electric shocks or electrical equipment has a shorter lifespan around you). This will become more evident in 2018. You change people through your ability to interfere with their energy (aura). Simply by being physically close to a person you can help them relax (or conversely feel more energetic and upbeat, depending on their subconscious need). This will make you an excellent energy healer or even physical or trance medium if you studied this area. Even if you don't use your natural abilities consciously or in your work, you continue to act as a beacon, healing those who are near you.



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