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by Karina Collins
International Psychic


Karina Says: This number may appear as 55, 555 or 5555.

The Fives relate to the 'fifth element', which is ether. Ether is the invisible life force energy that runs through all living things (also called chi or prana). The Fives are a message from your angels that significant change is coming (or perhaps you are in midst of change). The life force energy around you is revving up, it brings speed, vitality and huge potential to get things moving. You may be feeling restless and sense 'change in the air'. Your angels want you to ride the wave of this energy, be alert and say YES, I welcome it.

Karina Says: This number may appear as 66, 666 or 6666.

Your angel reminds you that you are here on Earth to be the best you can be. To be a kind person, to avoid the path of jealousy, complacency or judgment of others. You are here to overcome the seductive promise of material wealth, to hold onto your true values, and shine brightly. You have everything you need when you have principles and live by them. When you truly value the good things in your life, without wishing for more, you are being the best you can be. When you reach this state destiny will take care of the rest. You become what you were meant to be, and it is truly great.

Karina Says: This number may appear as 77, 777 or 7777.

Your angel says 'your spiritual gifts are awakening'. Seven is associated with the Moon which is linked to intuition, making Seven a highly magical number (and a very lucky one). Be aware of thoughts that suddenly appears in your mind seemingly out of nowhere. They are real instructions from your angels. You are encouraged to explore your connection with the world of Spirit because it will change you at a deep level. This is THE time to open your mind and seek knowledge. Let nothing stand in your way of doing this.
Be aware: The Sevens can be explosive so you may feel a bit moody while all this is going on!.

Karina Says: This number may appear as 88, 888 or 8888.

The number 8 is the sign of infinity - what goes around comes around, and also the sign of reincarnation. 8 is the number of fate (in the bible Revelations, 888 is given as the number of Christ). So this is a powerful message! Deep inside you know destiny plays a key role in whatever you do. If you see repetitive Eights, it means destiny is playing it's part in your life at this moment. You may have an unexpected opportunity, or an unexpected end to a situation. Either way, it is destiny (and for your greater good), so go with it. You are learning a life lesson and releasing karma.

Karina Says: This number may appear as 99, 999 or 9999.

Christ died on the 9th hour and we say a cat has 9 lives. Nines are all about completion of one chapter of life and a new one beginning. Your life is meant to evolve, and your angel is calling on you to let go and move forward bravely. Freedom and adventure are the rewards. You may feel a growing desire to do something 'special' with your life, be that with work or within a fulfilling relationship. Know it is possible. Let go of the past - all its highs and lows. Your life is being, or is about to be, reinvented.

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