2018: Year Ahead Horoscopes: by Psychic Karina Collins

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2018 Year Ahead: Star Sign
by Karina Collins
International Psychic

Your Card: Chakras
This is a message for your year ahead Aries:

Change has been sweeping through your life for a while Aries. You have been going through a physical and spiritual detox - all this is in preparation for spectacular new adventures in 2018. In 2018 allow your actions to be guided by a higher purpose - take what you do seriously, uncover your natural talent and put it to use. The year begins slowly, but it gains momentum as the months pass. This year you discover who you are and what you are capable of. Exciting!

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 Your Card: Movement
Taureans have been building momentum towards something special for some time. 2018 is a year of freedom and liberation, the like of which you have not experienced before. It is as though all your problems melt away and a new path emerges before your eyes. What is really happening is that you have been changing and the world around you finally responds in kind. Freedom may come by moving, changing jobs, travel or simply not giving a damn and throwing caution to the wind. Go live it up Taurus!

Your Card: The Heart
In order to manifest a miracle, you need to feel in your heart that it is really possible. The more you believe luck is your companion, the more faithful a companion it will be. 2018 will reward you in proportion to your faith. The past few years have provided some challenges, even given you a choice to fall and fade or overcome and conquer. You finally learn that no matter what your circumstances, you can always help yourself. Now, it is only a matter of time before the miracles manifest. 

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Your Angel Card: Lose The Fear
Dear Cancer you can talk yourself in and out of something so quickly, it makes your head spin. So pay attention! 2018 provides you with a serious opportunity to channel your energy in one direction. Enough of the indecision, it is a year to make or break your dreams. Fear has robbed your confidence, made it difficult for you to stick to your path. The angels support you in achieving great things in 2018, but you must turn up to the party and more importantly, remain behind long after the others have gone. So decide this month what you want from the year and do not deviate from your path. 

Your Angel Card:  Truth
You have craved change for a while, although it has taken you time to acknowledge this truth, or perhaps you were not sure what exactly needed to change. This discovery set you in search of something better and more meaningful. This journey culminates in 2018, your year of spiritual enlightenment. It is when you connect with YOU. You end the year passionately in love with you. Along the way, you also connect with others, one or two of whom significantly impact your life for years to come.

Your Angel Card: Prosperity
Virgo, 2018 promises to be a fortunate year indeed for you. Perhaps you have been working towards a specific goal, or praying for a 'break'. This year the angels turn their full attention to you, delivering a wonderful opportunity which propels you forward, financially and materially. Expect the best in 2018, and be grateful for all the good presently in your life and yet to come. You end the year simply amazed by how far you have come.

 Your Angel Card:
Recognition & Reward
Good things come to those who wait ... and thank heavens, the waiting is over! Although it may seem like life had come to a standstill for a while, the Universe was only making preparations for your bountiful 2018. If you have been working towards, or praying for a particular outcome, then your efforts are rewarded this year. You can finally move on with life and shine in all your glory. 

Your Angel Card: Shadow

A shadow was shrouding your Light, preventing you from establishing lasting happiness. But no more. In 2018 you finally break free of whatever has held you back from living the life you truly desire. It may feel like others are changing, but in reality it is you who has changed and they are simply responding to what they see. You emerge stronger, more vibrant and beautiful than ever. People will wonder what your secret is. The truth of course, is that you have claimed back your mind. Our mind can be a prison or a palace. You have decided to live in a palace.   

Your Angel Card: Power
Step into your power this year Sagittarius. 2018 promises to be a roller-coaster ride and you will be tested emotionally, practically and spiritually. Whatever your dream, big or small, as long as you stay the path despite possible obstacles, success is on the cards. The Universe is testing your dedication, so you must play your part. Some of you will have a clear goal in mind, but if you don't, think about it now and make the commitment. 

Your Card: Inspiration
Expect 2018, my dear Capricorn to be unlike any other year. Typically you enjoy being in control, to plan life, but this year is best dealt with in the exact opposite manner. You best achieve success by submitting to the inspired ideas which float into your head.  As much as you may try to ignore those ideas, they niggle until you finally succumb. By taking a leap of faith, by not worrying how everything will work out in the future, you free yourself to become the truly magnificent creature you are.


Your Card: Light
2018 darling Aquarius is the year you shine your Light, and in a major way! No matter what your personal circumstances, success and soul fulfillment are promised. The Light within you is finally illuminated and switched on, full power. The Light always brings a renewal of life, energy and motivation. This is the year you discover your true life purpose, the reason you are here, and it is the most exciting moment of your life.

Your Card: Passion Ignited
2018 promises to be highly unpredictable Pisces!    The Universe has been listening, it knows what part of your life lacks passion. It steps forward with an opportunity to light your flame. The thing is, you can't really predict how this will happen, or what form it will take, so you must be prepared to act with little notice. Resist the urge to hold back out of fear or doubt, because that emits the message 'I don't trust.'
But, I'm sure we won't have that problem, will we dear Pisces? If you step into your power this year, it promises be one of your most spectacular years yet.


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