What You Need To Know About 2017: Year Ahead Predictions

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Expect one crazy year!

I take a look at the cosmic forces at work this year, and how they are likely to affect you as an individual, and the world at large.

2017: Dawn of a New Era

Every 9 years the earth shifts into a new cycle. As we say goodbye to 2016, we are also biding farewell to an era. 2016 was the end of a cycle (2+0+1+6=9*). The wind of change ruthlessly blew throughout the world, sweeping away all that had 'weak' foundations. The EU came under fire with Brexit and the refugee crisis. There have been major political shifts (Donald Trump), and a plethora of high profile deaths. The world has been going through a cleansing, in preparation for a new era which begins in January 2017. I must point out that 'new' does not necessarily mean better. Rather, it signifies that the game rules have changed and what we assumed would always be there, may not necessarily be the case in years to come.

* Based on numerology

Died In 2016
Leonard Cohen
Alan Rickman

David Bowie

Muhammad Ali

Zsa Zsa Gabor

What To Expect In 2017

1. Political Tension

According to Chinese astrology, 2016 was the year of the Monkey. Monkey years are denoted for wild political swings and upheaval (JKF, Martin Luther King and John Lennon were all assassinated in Monkey years). So recent changes in the political landscape of Europe and America are not surprising in this light. 2017 is the year of the Rooster. The Rooster struts, preens and demands attention. On a world scale expect much muscle flexing and posturing, think vanity rather than serious politics. Leaders will play to their audience, telling us what we want to hear. Unfortunately, this will lead to stand-offs which unsettle the markets and depress business (property is a better investment than stocks this year). As the West becomes increasingly isolationist, Asian countries form stronger bonds and trade deals. Fortunately the problems in Syria end and financial aid leads to a swift recovery program. This eases the refugee crisis.

2. Pomp and Ceremony

The royals will be out in full force in 2017, pomp and ceremony are big in Rooster years (Princess Diana married in a Rooster year).
Expect an engagement, baby announcement and funeral. Princess Kate will announce a third pregnancy and Prince Harry shocks us all with a surprise engagement. Sadly there will be a funeral in the royal family too.

3. Celebs Compete For Attention

Celebs will compete for our attention this year, each desperately trying to upstage the other. Just having one baby won't do, it must be twins at the very least! Expect a rash of weddings, followed by equally swift divorces. As 2017 is the start of a new era, celebs who have been on the circuit for a while become increasingly desperate for publicity while new stars rapidly rise.

This will be a sudden death of a popular female children's fiction writer.

Brad Pitt gets engaged (no, not to Jennifer!)

2017 And YOU!

On a personal level, the cosmic energy of 2017 helps forward movement. You will experience an ease of tension, what was once challenging, now suddenly seems much easier. This impacts all areas of your life - personal issues (weight loss, quitting smoking, release negative feelings and self doubt) - work and relationships. Blocks lift, and while of course there may still be odd delays or challenges, you feel more motivated than you have in years.

You are more magnetic this year than ever, which is good news for those hoping to attract love or success in work or work related projects. It is a particularly fortunate time for those seeking attention from a wider audience.

The key to 2017 is to expect the unexpected. And say YES to whatever comes your way.

It could be magical.

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